Stable & secure

Tested by millions of people on hundreds of websites. Multiple security layers in every possible place.

Higly customizable

No encoded pages. Edit/add the theme, features and application logic. Endless possibilites for changes.

Add Your Features

Let us implement your ideas. Our development team will develop every single feature you need.

Cross platform

Designed to work perfectly on mobiles, desktops & tablets. Easy and intuitive to use.

Ways to earn money

Earn from every possible aspect on your Revenue Sharing platform.

  • Unlimited, configurable AdPack plans
  • Customizable Revenue Distribution systems
  • Surf Ads
  • Automatic & Custom Groups
  • Contests and Jackpots
  • Various Banner systems, Login Ads
  • Marketplace, Gift Cards, Social Network
  • And many more..
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Safety & security is our top priority. Protect against fraund on every possible level.

  • Anti-Cheat System working all the time
  • Various Payout restictions
  • Funds Locking and Security Rules
  • IP blocking, Anti-Proxy API integrations
  • Captchas: Titan, Google & SolveMedia
  • Anti Ad-Block & Auto-Surf plugins
  • SMS verification
  • And many more..
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All-in-one solution

All of our products are 100% compatible with each other.
You can have TITAN GPT+PTC, Revenue Sharing, ICO, Investment Platform and Affiliate Network on the same website.

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Unlimited, configurable AdPacks

Endless possibilities to set up your Revenue Sharing main product


Packages of ads similar to PTC advertisements and Banners. When user buys an AdPack, the money he paid for the AdPack is returned to him with excess over a period of time.

Each day the user receives a small amount of money until he reaches the specified amount (ROI).

  • Custom colors & names
  • Different ROI & earning ratios
  • Customizable repurchase rules
  • Different distribution per every type
  • Custom banner dimensions
  • Various limits (based on other AdPack types) and memberships
  • Ability to switch campaigns per every AdPack
  • Traffic Balance prizes, custom display time, and many more..
Offer Walls

Intelligent distribution systems

Keep your platform stable and long-term

Offer Walls

Fixed Distribution

The amount users receive each day is set up manually by the administrator.

  • Different % daily per every AdPack type
  • Guarantees stable income for members

Pool Distribution Optional module

The amount users receive each day depends on Your Script's daily profit.

  • Set up % of every product that goes to the pool
  • Max ROI per day limits
  • Pool Balancing balances periods of big/small incomes

Up to 10 referral levels

Build a huge memberbase with an attractive referral system

Fully customizable

Credit members up to 10 referral levels. There are various settings to this feature.

What is the most important, you can set up different commission rates:

  • Per different referral level
  • Per different product/action
  • Per different membership

Buying referrals

Create additional source of income, and allow your members to buy direct referrals (from people who did not have original referrer). Customize packages, prices & restrictions.

Referral Levels

Repurchase rules & HYIP mode

Keep the money in your system. Instead of advertising, focus on ROI

Offer Walls

Repurchase rules Optional module

Chanel AdPack ROI to Ad Balance, instead of Main Balance. Users will be forced to re-purchase AdPacks or use those funds to buy your other products.

  • Custom percentage
  • Customizable per every AdPack type & membership

HYIP mode Optional module

Disables all advertising aspects of Revenue Sharing AdPacks packages (campaigns, traffic, banners & clicks) and focuses only on money-related aspects.

  • AdPacks just return the money
  • Compatible with all group settings

Automatic & Custom Groups

Engage members into promotion & getting more AdPacks. A win-win solution

Automatic Groups

Speed up the process of AdPack ROI (Return Of Investments). Users join them automatically by buying AdPacks. The more AdPacks they buy, the higher Group they join.

  • Customizable AdPacks ranges & accelerations

Custom Groups Optional module

Allow users to join together and either increase or accelerate their AdPacks' ROI.

  • Rewards for group leader/creator
  • Various limits required to create & complete
  • Max open instances & withdrawal limits
Offer Walls

Social Network Optional module

Be more social. Add fully-featured Social Network into your website

Social Network

The network

This is the best way to fully engage your members into your website. All posted content & activity can be a great value.

  • Own Profile pages
  • Friends
  • Timelines (text & images supported)
  • Comments

It's worth it

Keeping members active on your website can give you real profits: referrals, banner views, more purchases etc.

Full BTC Support Optional module

Take full advantage of cryptocurrencies in your system

Bitcoins welcome

Make your website cryptocurrency-based only (all products & services are priced in BTC) or just accept Bitcoins transfers & withdrawals.

  • CoinPayments & CoinGate API supported
  • Automatic BTC Deposit and/or Withdrawal
  • User-dedicated addresses automatically created
  • One-click setup

Full control

Be calm about unstable BTC rates and keep your wallet safe.

  • Various withdrawal limits
  • Automatically adjust Market BTC rate with your own spreads

And tens of other useful features...

We don't have enough space to list them all. Check them all on our dedicated live demo:

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How to get started?

Follow those simple 4 steps to get your business online within an hour. It's really easy.

1. Get TITAN now

Invest in the best product for your business.

2. Get hosting + domain

Choose any compatible hosting you like. Click here for hosting requirements & our recommendations.

3. Customize it (optional)

Need to integrate your template? Check our Design services.
Need additional features? Contact developers from UseTitan.

4. That's it!

Configure Admin Panel and launch. Attract members and earn money.

Themes & Design

Distinguish your business from the competition with an original, customized template.



Ready-to-use, complete, professional templates.

Design Services

Need a custom template integrated? Some other design changes to your theme? Check our services.


Pay only for Products, Modules and Services you are going to use. No hidden fees.

TITAN Revenue Sharing
one-time fee
Valid lifetime on 1 domain
Unlimited, configurable AdPacks
Up to 10 referral levels
Profit Division
Fixed Distribution
Fully modifiable code
and many more..
Optional Modules
Custom Groups
Pool Distribution
Social Network
Full BTC Support
Hourly distribution
and many more..
Optional Services
$49 Script Installation
$99 Footer Removal
$199 Source (open) code

$0+ Support Plans
$75+ Custom Design

You will get the download link to your email within seconds after the purchase.

Pay only for products/modules you need and you are going to use.

You can buy additional products, modules & services later to improve the script.

After running GPT sites for over 6 years now, I’ve worked on several platforms but none of them have the versatility of Titan. Titan enables total freedom to make your site anything you want it to be.


The team is relentless, focused on one goal: Your complete satisfaction. A true game changer who goes the extra mile.


I'm yet to see the best customer support team like Titan support team. They always answered, helped, assisted me each and every time within few hours when I was in need of help. Go for Titan, you will never regret!

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There GPT script is the best of the best loving it and the support is amazing anytime i need any help what so ever there right there super fast to solve the issues

Moses Gross

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Excellent Support system and Script! Very clean and easy to use. I will be buying more features/services for sure!

Daniel Gonzalez

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Have been with Titan for years and they have always delivered with regular updates and great support. Would recommend them to anyone

Tom Billington

Great team to work with. They have been great in there help and support throughout my set up of the script purchased. Definitely recommend this company all day

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